GOD's mighty grace and mercy
GOD, on May 9, turned my prayer to His immense mountain
of grace, towards the whole earth, 7.5 billion people, with
60%-70% of them making up the immoral majority.
GOD chose His Acts5:11 works of justice over massive judgement,
using His little germ, as a type of Jonah, to witness to billions,
that some would cease evil and live in peace and dignity,
towards their fellow humans, across the globe.
GOD's little germ hunted His enemies, downing a few, for
the sake of many, Acts5:11 copied globally, also sorting
and separating the moral from the immoral, those moral
types who had no fear and those of devilish fear,
essentially showing us Rom2:9.
GOD's little germ is benign to the moral minority, who want to
work to eat, a basic law of GOD, while they are essentially
bullied by the immoral majority, who are willing to destroy
the global economies, out of fear, of a silly germ.
GOD's coming economy will be Bible based, using moral
businesses, with qualified moral workers, respecting true
free|market principles, operating in free societies-zones,
all flowing from GOD's current mighty grace and mercy.
GOD's love and grace gave us His law, thru which we can
easily see His enemies,
Ex20 Deut5 Rom1:16-2:16 1Tim1.
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GOD's moral types seeking new opportunities, will flow
into His believing communities, globally, joining
His Bible based network of businesses, as new jobs,
of all vocations, are opened-developed by Spirit led,
seasoned, owners and operators.
GOD's new businesses will teach and train participants,
in Bible and job requirements, to meet GOD's expectations,
in both life and work endeavours, to maximise
spirit growth and job advancement-fulfillment,
bringing true prosperity for all parties.
GOD's new businesses are GOD and society centred, while
free|market driven (not $), to increase efficiency and
productivity, to produce superior goods and services,
melding IT with all operations for top security and
defense against evil attacks.
GOD's new businesses will qualify all participants, thru
His dictated Bible tests, on His web site, to obtain an
IT code, used for GOD's entire global economy Rev13:17,
as this ID code replaces names and addresses, for
privacy and security purposes.
GOD's new businesses operate under GOD's dictated
By-laws and Articles, to ensure uniformity, globally,
as non-profit entities, sharing 50% of ROI or GP, to
support GOD's service companies or establish new ones,
ever aiming for self funding.
GOD fulfilled Is9:6 with Christ Jesus, then fulfilled Is11:11,12 in
1948, then dictated a Dan9 type prayer in 1984, to begin Is9:7,
now in May2020 GOD is manifesting His promised Kingdom,
having established its foundation from 1984 to 2015, then it's
initial earthly base thru 5yrs of 1Pet1:7,
GOD the Spirit led and qualified Rom2:29
a few into Rom8:29 then into Heb7:3.
GOD's mighty grace and mercy is drawing moral believers
to His Kingdom and effecting initial justice for past evil by
Assyria, the immoral majority, in church, gov't, society, Is10
against Ps83, so now is Mic5:5, to help Is23:15-17 Is65:9,
all promised Lk21:24 Rom11:25 into Hebrew restoration, back
to believe, obey, live according to GOD Almighty, Lord, Saviour,
David the Son, the Shepard, the King.
GOD is showing us, from 1984, His beautiful tapestry, Gen-Rev,
and the unseen, yet seen, backside of His holy word, strings
and knots of His text, the connections Is28:9-13 of Truth,
that we might humble ourselves Is66:1,2 and believe-obey,
all His holy word,
true people of GOD,
Deut10:16; 30:6 Jer4 Zech13:9 Mat1:21
into Col2:9-14.
GOD's holy word is rife with number patterns to show-prove Truth,
His seen-unseen text, His mind at play, but working Truth,
so join His game, study, learn,
His Truth.
GOD's mighty grace and mercy, is completing His final 17, for
His final church, 2020-2037, 7yrs of growth, 10 yrs of testing,
2020-2027 Lk14:23, 2028-2034 judging, 2034-2037 Rev20:6
then 31yrs Lamentations.
GOD, one night, said "68,000 68,000 68,000" 3 times, I saw
nothing, then later I heard "modern man," rather vague,
til the next day GOD said "number of years from Adam,"
I was still not sure, until His said "do your numbers," then
it became clear, modern man began 204,000yrs ago,
and 68 is 4x17, to total 12x17,000yrs,
meaning our time is short.
GOD's April 17 - 1Pet4:17 began in 2018 and continues upon
mankind for 1 jubilee, 50yrs, to complete the Christ parousia,
sorting and separating, then drawing the moral into Lk14:23,
in Dec2027, 10yrs after Lk21:24 Rom11:25
which completed the Reformation
GOD's Is2:19 - Feb19 is using Acts5:11, globally, to separate
and draw moral believers to Acts15:16-Rev3:7; 16:19; 18:4,
His final church of Bible believers Ps1:5 Jn14:6 1Cor12:3,7,13,
that His few will reach Zech13:9 by 2034, just 2 x7 from now,
by working thru Rom6 into 7 into 8
to join 1Thes5:23 Eph5:27
GOD's word indicates Christ Jesus knew His parousia had 3 periods,
copying Moses and 3 kings SDS, 3x40yrs, 3 periods, from Is11,
He visited Tyre for Mat15:24, to see "one," but pointing to Is23,
which came in May2018, during the 2nd part of His parousia,
He spoke of the temple in Jn2, the spirit one today is 1988-2034,
which is 40yrs after Is11, to Rev11 and 20:6, 46yrs, in 2034,
He spoke about food in Jn21, then drawing 153 fish, a sign
today of 153yrs from 1881 to 2034, 9x17, to when the saints rise,
then 2x17yrs, ends the Christ parousia, 3x40yrs.
GOD, in Is11:10, says the Christ is a banner, (V12), then in Is59:19
a standard, indicating strength, which fits with GOD's work
in 1948, 1967, 1973, 5x5yrs of deliverance from evil, then 5x9 yrs
of strengthening Israel, til May2018, to begin Is23 (and Is59),
along with Is19 and Is65:9, etc,
since birth pain is hard work,
as GOD is re-birthing Israel, a)Moses, b)Daniel, c)1948, d)2018,
back to Him,
to truly finish Obad17,18.
GOD is drawing moral believers from satan's lies and myths
into His true way, Jn14:6 into 14:17, then a few into 2Pet1:11,12,
out of the filthy, muddy waters into His living, clear stream,
to worship in spirit and truth
Jn4:22-24, salvation is of the Jews,
to meet, then embrace, then live inside Messiah,
as He alone is King of true Jews,
having been fully threshed,
Ruth3:3 Mat3 Lk3.
GOD's mighty grace and mercy
GOD, thru Paul, gives us a challenge, "not as tho," is the way
GOD wants His 1Jn2:6 saints to live, every day, doing
it again and again, becoming perfect, every day, over
and over, ever learning, ever growing, to be better
than yesterday.
GOD's hard challenge is more relevant in these last days,
we must live the hard truth, all the truth, as GOD demands,
greater than earlier saints, as GOD is no longer winking
at the slack any more.
GOD, this morning, was explaining His all in all, being in
all creation, in the trees, the wind, the rivers, all in all, to
explain His being in us also, seeing-hearing all our filth,
that He cannot bear, but He
must close His eyes and ears, til judgement, lest we be gone.
GOD went on to explain why Psalms pictures this, continually,
as in "the hills jump," "the mountains skip," it is Him in joy,
but GOD also wants that joy in us,
so His grace flows, that some, a few, meet Him in joy,
inside GOD, Rom14:17, inside Elohim.
GOD makes this ever so plain in 2Cor7:1, His agapetos, beloved,
His fathers, sons and daughters, His elders, and now even
His new Heb7:3 level,
"to perfect holiness in the fear of GOD," yet
GOD is firmer, to the same people, work-to be saved Phil2:12,
or as Paul writes,
hoping for salvation in Rom8:23-25.
GOD, for almost 40yrs, had me read these basic truths,
also showing me satan's lies, that so many believe they
are already saved, while still sinning, a totally absurd
contradiction, to GOD's holy word, His clear, plain Truth,
yet satan's church has billions.
GOD had me stand, walk, run, with His word in my heart,
also seeing Christ Jesus whole ministry was obedient faith, as
He trusted the Father Jn10:30, for everything, speaking in faith,
Mat12:40 (2Cor4:13), yet totally submitted Lk22:42 to death,
GOD the Father, seeing His Son, spoke "You have ascended" Ps68:18,
into the Son's heart, while the Son was living Ps22, assuring
the Son, He had gone from safety in the Father's hand, into
fully saved, so
the Son replied "You have answered Me," fulfilling Ps22:21.
22 is 2x11 grace-judgement 21 is 3x7 perfect-complete
GOD's text patterns and truth
GOD's true saints must continue the walk of faith, even
blindly obeying GOD's intimate demands Is42:19, "thru
the Spirit," who is our guarantee 2Cor5 if Eph1:13,14; 5:27,
to copy Christ Jesus,
or lose our status, with the Spirit departing 2Cor13:5 forever,
as 50% fail Heb12,
Heb6:4-6(5:9) Heb10:26-31.
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