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Maxilube Saves Money!

Maxilube is the safe and easy way to save money on machinery because it penetrates the surface of the metal, lowering the co-efficient of friction to protect moving parts 90% better than oil alone and 50-70% better than other additives, especially under extreme conditions.
Maxilube has been designed to keep all machines running cleanly and efficiently, e.g.; Agricultural, Construction, Transportation, etc.
Maxilube metal treatment in the engine and transmission, and DFT in the fuel tank,

  • 5-30% Increase in MPG
  • 5-50o Decrease in Temps
  • Double Oil Life
    (1/2 the Oil Changes)
  • Increase in HP and Torque

The Perfect Clean
Maxilube's tiny molecules go where motor oil can't—into the metal—to dissolve sludge and eliminate contamination and wear caused by friction. Maxilube is nontoxic, nonhazardous and contains no solids like Teflon, so it never coats parts or clogs filters.



Demand Results
We want you to see the benefits for yourself. Before ever using Maxilube, we recommend you take two MPG and temp readings.
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Shipping costs are figured into all prices except drum sizes. Contact us for an exact quote for drum orders. Small sizes ship via USPS the next business day in 3-5 days to anywhere, USA. Drum orders are drop-shipped via freight carriers.


Inspired Distributing Inc. is a church subsidiary, for more information, please see our "About Us" page.
GOD insists that we operate on the basis of Phil2:17, whereby we sacrifice and serve others, with the end result of 50% of all R.O.I. being returned to the church for schools, hospitals, rehab, etc. (see Church Funding)
We insure all items just in case they are damaged, destroyed or lost during shipping, so that our customers may be reimbursed.

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