Portraits of Evil IT and IT Plagues
feared by "security experts" ...

GOD, from the beginning, gives us free will
to do good or evil, so it is today with the
internet, some use it for good, yet others
wish to abuse-destroy it, while some are idle.
Read: Clive Thompson in NYT Magazine
"The Virus Underground" - Sunday, February 8, 2004.

    Viruses, worms, and Trojan horses have the most measurable negative economic impact of all forms of attack. The Code Red worm, for example, attacked somewhere between 400,000 and 800,000 Web servers in the first three months from its discovery.

The worldwide economic impact of this worm alone, according to USA Today, is $2.1 billion and rising. Given the damage done and potential damage they can do in the future, it seems reasonable for any system to spend considerable resources in the defense against these attacks.

The above is excerpted from "Virus Filtering using Protocol Analysis",
Bodacion Technologies, https://www.bodacion.com/
...yet these so-called experts shun innovation,
so, in truth, become complicit in the global IT plagues.