Microsoft Philosophy
is based upon imperfect firewalls
and patches after their own code flaws are revealed,
which is destructive, irresponsible and a financial burden on all.

GOD had Steven Levy question Bill Gates
concerning his Jan2002 memo about security needs,
and suggested the program instituted was failing, to
which Gates responded: "No. These things are cases
where we had fixes." Gates then blamed consumers.
Note Microsoft's audacity, gall in blaming customers when
clearly their products fail to meet marketplace requirements.
Despite countless patches and fixes, new vulnerabilities in Microsoft's
software are discovered/exploited by hackers daily, which belies Gates' directives.
Read "He's Still Having Fun" by Steven Levy, Newsweek - Monday, November 24, 2003
GOD had Bill Gates acknowledge that Google
"kicked our butts," because the Microsoft
"strategy was to do a good job on the 80%."

80% is irresponsible. This attitude would absolutely kill Boeing, Ford, GM, Intel and virtually eliminate USA global competitiveness.

"The Coming Search Wars" by John Markoff
The New York Times - Sunday, February 1, 2004.
"Do We Get Enough In Innovation for What We Give to Microsoft?" by Lee Gomes
The Wall Street Journal - Monday, March 8, 2004
Bugs Out First!!!
"Our mission is to get the coupe dead solid perfect before we add the convertible,"
said Rick Baldick, marketing director Corvette/SSR for Chevrolet."
Read "GM announces 'Vette production plans'" by Jim Mateja
Chicago Tribune - Sunday, March 7, 2004