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GOD the Creator is drawing-networking His Bible believing
environmentally-minded to work in unity to preserve nature,
to advance responsible-sustainable development, eg:
GOD's free-market principles will expose and dispose of greed,
sloth and waste in His participating companies to manifest
His virtues thru His marketplace rule to affect all mankind.
GOD's eco-friendly products will maximise the likes of GE's results
by using a proven anti-friction, heat-reducing and emission-reducing
integrated machinery maintenance system, to save $ billions.
GOD will use Jn14 level Bible believers min., to ensure only qualified
distributors represent His CCCInc.-ID global distribution system,
reduce cultural implants such as greed, insubordination, sloth, theft, waste.
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Efficiency Technologies
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GOD, thru His parousia,
promised to rule Is32:1 Jer23:5 Mat2:6 Lk1:33 Rev19:15;
promised to change the world, refer to hundreds of Scriptures;
therefore is now using His people for new technology in the marketplace.
Origin of Maxilube and Diesel Fuel Treatment (DFT)

    The origin of Maxilube and DFT can be traced back to 1988 when OXYPRO started asking "If we can put men on the moon and land machines on Mars, how come we have to change our oil every 3,000 miles -- and our engines still wear out?" A bit of research soon revealed that the technology to prevent wear was in fact available; it was just that nobody wanted to sell it to the public for fear of upsetting the economy of engineered (planned) obsolescence.

    We experimented with applying MAXILUBE directly through carburetors to provide a "top end" treatment to gasoline engines. Carburetors became history after 1988, so we began to develop a formula that would mix easily with gasoline and diesel fuels to provide the top end treatment and clean injector systems as well.
    When most of the sulfur and aromatic hydrocarbons were removed from California's diesel fuel in 1993,

The removal of hydrocarbons from diesel fuel caused engine failures due to
low lubricity. Customers found that DFT resolved this problem altogether.

    After some experimentation and a lot of field testing on our own equipment, we developed a user-friendly non-hazardous non-flammable product we call MAXILUBE Anti-friction Metal Treatment. MAXILUBE allowed doubling engine oil change intervals and tripled machinery life, sometimes extending it indefinitely.

the resulting loss of lubricity caused many failures of injector pumps. OXYPRO immediately began marketing its "top end" treatment as DFT, Diesel Fuel Treatment. The lubricity problems disappeared and our customers have enjoyed the benefits of using DFT ever since.

[His parousia; 1988]
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Maxilube Product Information Packet
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Incorporated in Delaware
12539 So. Loomis, Calumet Park, IL 60827
Managing and Marketing Efficiency Technologies
Distributor for:
Inspired IT Services
   Metal Treatment
   (grease and
   Fuel treatment
Charlene Begley
President and CEO
GE Transportation Systems
Erie, PA
Nov 2003
Full Value for Customer/End-Users
Current technology in the marketplace offers your company and other like manufacturers the
opportunity to extend the life of most moving parts from 50-100%, thereby giving your customers
and/or end-users full value products.
Current complacency and greed are costing end-users more than needed when amortizing over
the existing life of their machinery, risking your company's long term viability.
Current global trends are forcing U.S. manufacturers to explore every conceivable option to
maximize profit for themselves, but fail to heed basic business principles in offering true service and
full value to their customers and/or end-users to succeed. Likewise, your company needs to show
corporate leadership by avoiding-eliminating waste oil (Zero Waste Management), together with
educating consumers to save $ thousands in oil changes; again, to succeed.
Please carefully note our correspondence to Timken Co. and The Wall Street Journal from Oct 13th '03
concerning research to be done on Inspired Distributing Inc. products.
Thank You for your time and effort concerning this matter.
Alexander Poole
Please note:
Full Value Products, Corporate Leadership, and Responsible Manufacturing:
Inspired Distributing/Maxilube Anti-Friction Metal Treatment Product Information Packet:
[original as sent, click here for printable version]
Inspired Distributing Inc. is a subsidiary of Christian Community Companies Inc.,

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Efficiency Technologies
Maxilube logo
Full Value Products, Corporate Leadership,
and Responsible Manufacturing
eliminate greed, planned obsolescence, and waste in the marketplace.

When Maxilube is used in the engine and DFT in the fuel tank,
it reduces/eliminates carbon residue up to 50%, enhances performance,
ensures up to 15% fuel savings, and increases engine longevity.

Diesel soot found to accelerate global warming
Soot, mostly from diesel engines, contributes to as much as
a quarter of all observed global warming, say NASA experts

    Washington -- Soot, mostly from diesel engines, is blocking snow and ice from reflecting sunlight, which is contributing to "near worldwide melting of ice" and as much as a quarter of all observed global warming, NASA scientists say.
    The findings about the snow and ice albedos -- their power to reflect light falling on the surface -- raise new questions about human-caused climate change from the Arctic to the Alps.
    "We suggest that soot is a more all-around 'bad actor' than has been appreciated," NASA scientists James Hansen and Larissa Nazarenko wrote in a paper published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
    Soot comprises carbon particles that are, along with salts and dust, byproducts of burning fossil fuels and vegetation. In developed countries, the biggest source is diesel fuel. Elsewhere, burning wood, animal dung, vegetable oil and other biofuels is a major source of soot.
    Hansen, director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, and Nazarenko, a staff associate there, found soot is twice as potent as carbon dioxide in changing global surface air temperatures in the Arctic and the Northern Hemisphere.

    Hansen said Monday that the authors estimate the soot effect is equivalent estimate the soot effect is equivalent to putting a 1-watt bulb, the size of a miniature Christmas tree bulb, over every two square yards in the Northern Hemisphere. The effect is greater in northernmost snow regions, and about zero in the tropics.
    Levels of airborne soot as high as about 100 parts per billion were found in the Alps, enough to reduce the snow's ability to reflect light rather than absorb it from about 98 percent, down to between 80-90 percent, Hansen said. In the spring and summer, as the snow melts and some soot accumulates as crud on the surface, the remaining snow is even darker, he said.
    Scientists thought until recently that only carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have global reach and effect. They now are finding the same thing with these microscopic, suspended particles of pollutants, generically known as aerosols, that settle on ground hours later.
    Soot particles, which absorb toxic organic material, are minute enough to penetrate skin when breathed in. Soot is the aerosol most responsible for the haze in rapidly developing countries such as India and China, the scientists said.

The above was excerpted from the full article by John Geilprin - Tuesday, December 23, 2003
which can be found at
Informed Buyers Witness Maxilube Advantages
Managing and Marketing Efficiency Technologies

DFT Advantages
Diesels using DFT
DFT was originally developed for diesel engines* to clean the injection system,
to burn off carbon residue, to enhance lubricity, all of which
increases mileage, reduces maintenance, and ensures engine longevity.
Consequently, DFT for diesels is essential for cost conscience users of
Agricultural, Construction, and Transportation equipment.

* DFT is equally advantageous for gasoline engines.
Informed Buyers Witness Maxilube Advantages

Diesel engine manufacturers information file:
Superior air and oil filtration for Diesels:
Below are actual smoke test results received from a customer
that performed in-house testing of DFT on his own vehicles.


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Christian Community Companies Inc.
Community Companies' Banner
Christian Community Companies Inc.
Corporate Leadership
for full sustainable growth and consumer education
GOD-given free enterprises employ the latest technology to conserve
resources, offer full value products and services, eliminate waste
just to begin sustainable growth, as practiced by 3M for a
quarter century to save $857 million and avoid waste fees + fines.
GOD-given free enterprises evaluate and study their complete-full
supply chains; whether energy, components, methods, etc., to ascertain
and manage the fine balance of sustainable growth along
with being responsible for the environment and social needs.
GOD-given free enterprises are responsible for educating consumers
in relevant applications to effect the maximum environmental
benefits and minimized social disruptions to meet the highest ethical
standard and be qualified as having moral marketplace behaviour.
Refer to Nature Conservancy - Winter 2002 article,
"the bottom line redefined"
GE Commercial Finance practices consumer education
while other GE divisions are increasingly developing
eco-friendly products and services to benefit the whole globe.
Note Moral Instruction and Moral Culture attached for
GOD's standard.
Also note the Economist Oct25th 2003 article qualifying
Corporate Leadership
wherein the 1st commandment for successful leaders is an ethical compass.
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Christian Community Companies Inc.
Community Companies' Banner
Christian Community Companies Inc.
True Value Machinery
from Responsible Manufacturers

Responsible Manufacturers adhere to basic business principles
in offering true service and full value, 100% contrary to most
US manufacturers who practice greed, planned obsolescence + waste.
Responsible Manufacturers employ the latest technology to extend
the life of machinery, practice voluntary co-operation for full
or maximum customer satisfaction, and pursue full marketplace potential.
Responsible Manufacturers are active in conservation of resources,
in eliminating waste, in establishing innovative technology quickly,
in full service-value education, in moral behaviour, to be Responsible.
Note the WSJ article Nov 5th '03 wherein Toyota "is built
on a relentless drive to eliminate waste," but is yet
to help customers avoid oil changes to save $ thousands,
along with conserving resources and truly eliminating waste.
Also note the IBD article Nov 5th '03 "Innovate or Die," but
in particular its companion article wherein most shun innovation
and then "few companies ever grow successfully, repeatedly" long term.
The IBD's regular Leaders + Success articles include one
describing Heinz "57" wherein Henry was innovative along with
having his customers educated about the products, providing
"generous free samples and convincing money-back guarantees."
CCCInc. Logo
GOD's Seven Candlesticks
GOD's legal instrument to govern, reign, rule His true family
was promised Is9:6,7; 32:1 Dan2:40-45 Zech3; 4 Mic4; 5 Mat2:6
Lk1:33 Acts15:16 Rev1:20; 2:27 to execute a holy judgement
Jer23 Mat16:19; 18:18 1Cor2; 5:5 Rev20:6 till 11:7.
Christian Community Companies offer products and services.
Christian Community Centers offer housing and rehabilitation.
Christian Care Centers offer clinics and hospitals.
Christian Commodities Co-operatives grow, process, and distribute food.
Christian Cultural Centers nurture and support the arts.
GOD's legal instrument ensures only qualified Bible believers,
living healthy, moral, repentant lifestyles, participate in any
of the CCCInc. 7 companies as staff or volunteers anywhere!
[CCCInc. 7 Companies General Info.]
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Christian Corporate Concepts Inc.
Corporate Concepts' Banner
Christian Corporate Concepts Inc.
Participant Activities
GOD is calling many to participate in His ordained
end-time church and six subsidiaries or 7 CCCInc.
companies to facilitate His agenda, all promised in His word.
GOD's participants are networked: thru qualifying into CCCInc.,
His 3part church; thru obedient faith till walking as Him 1Jn;
as most start, but fail to commit, grow, press forever Jn6:66.
GOD's participants work to support their ministries, rather
than begging or living off others, trusting His provision for
all their needs, so proving their level of obedient faith.
GOD's participants are used in His purged and refined
institutions for arts, business, medical, rehab, schools, etc.,
as He fulfills His promises, His parousia, His ministry.
Acts10:35.. in every nation
whoever fears Him and
works righteousness is
accepted by Him

Mat19:17 Phil2:12 Heb5:9
Rev Michael Easley
Mar 2005
GOD's mission for you at MBI is to minister to every 1st yr student,
thru prayer and fasting, at least one time, so that you personally
pastor every graduate going into the global marketplace for Him,
enabling a spiritual impact upon +/- 400 PA, a work few attempt!!
GOD's calling for you depends entirely upon Acts5:32 as currently you
are yet to hear, know, see Him, so inhibiting a true calling as you are
still deaf-dumb to His truth 2Cor4:3,4, but He says 2Tim2:19,24-26,
so we obey, lest we be found guilty of silence Ez33:6 1Cor9:16,18,27.
GOD has placed some Jn14 level students at MBI truly aspiring to walk
as Christ 1Jn1:7 into 2:6; 3:6,9,24, to carry the cross as Him Jn19, to grow
into Him Eph4:15 1Jn3-5, to witness Christ in the marketplace (not sin),
to fully qualify into Lk20:35,36 Eph5:27 Rev20:6, all to be Jn3:16 into Jn5:24.
GOD fulfilled His dictated letter of Dec '97 to Moody Press (Rev Stowell)
for disbelieving, discarding, disregarding His truth, His message, Him,
hence Moody Monthly ceased and Rev Stowell is gone, to do less harm.
GOD's New MBI will believe-teach the MBI motto 2Tim2:15 in Truth:
eg 2Tim2:10 salvation in Christ - if truly in Him, as Him, of Him,
meaning full heavenly-resurrection salvation hence Mk13:13 1Cor15:22.
GOD's New MBI will produce true evangelicals for His marketplace ventures,
qualified annually thru CCCInc. Bible study-tests, His simple meritocracy,
as they live and work as His disciples, slowly growing into His servants.
GOD's New MBI will produce 1Jn2:20-27 Christians to be His marketplace managers,
to know His ways, to witness His truth, to care for His flock, to facilitate
His Spirit evangelism work throughout the world to complete the "gentiles" time.
[see original file]
CCCInc. Home Page
Christian Community Churches Inc.

Christian Community Churches Inc.
Sep '95
See, Know Him
"Whosoever abideth in Him sinneth not: whosoever sinneth
hath not seen Him, neither known Him."
GOD, in Gen-Rev, clearly calls believers to see, know Him,
most disbelieve and lost in eternal outer darkness.
GOD, in N.T., says we must see, know Him just to be born again
Jn14 1Jn2:3,24,27 tho merely dim, lukewarm, vague.
GOD's true children see, know His face 1Cor1:30; 2:6; 13:10-12
if Zech13:9 Mal3:3 Mat3:11 1Pet1:7 Rev3:18-21 then Jn10; 15; 17:3.
GOD's true servants see, know Him at Moses, Paul level Amos3:7 Heb1:1
(fathers in the Son) Rom8:29; 12:1,19 Eph3:19b; 4:13d living in death, rejoicing.
GOD, from '84, insists I die daily to live in Him, to see, know Him,
to Jn16:12,13,25, to be His scribe, to serve thru Mic5:5 Rev1:20.
GOD's Acts15:16 will copy Acts2:42-47; 5:42; 6:3(7 CCCInc. globally);
7:55-60 [to fulfil Rev17:9(3:7-13) till 16:19(11:11)].
GOD's true believers are His tenth, tithe, or seed, planted to grow more
Lk17:15,18 Jn15:2 Rev11:1 till as Christ 11:2 into 11:7 into 11:13 so Is6:13.
GOD, from '84, plants me thru abuse, rejection, suffering to pray 5-12hrs.
7 days a wk against satan in the church.
GOD, from '84, reveals 100% truth that His Acts15:16 Jer23:4,5b 1Jn5:8 Rev11:3,4
bind satan and cast evil into hell.
GOD's enemies Jn8:44 Acts20:29 continue till 1Cor15:25 2Pet2:1,14
into Mat10:28 1Cor3:15; 5:5(Zech13:8 Ps1:5 1Pet4:17,18).
GOD wants full repentance so Mk4:28 Lk3:17 that His sheep, seed see
and know Him 1Jn3:6 lest Mat7:21-23; 8:12; 22:13; 25.
GOD says no darkness or sin abides in Him 1Jn1:5; 3:5 yet satan teaches
all willful sinning believers abide in a holy GOD.
 Robert Bristow
[CCCInc. information links]
[Elders: Sep '95 4 of 4]
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Christian Corporate Concepts Inc.
Corporate Concepts' Banner
Christian Corporate Concepts Inc.
All Biblical precepts are summarised in Gal5:6 "faith working by (agape) love"
as GOD says faith is acting our confession, proving we believe till salvation
Rom10:9,10,13 Heb10:38-11:6 1Pet1:7,9 so GOD episterizo souls thru fire 1Pet5:10,
only if we prove greater than Mat5:44 1Pet1:22 love level i.e. merely moral, brotherly;
but Jn13:35 Rom13:10 1Cor4:21 shows GOD's discipline, charity to and thru His, if Jn15:10-21,
yet to grow thru further purging from affectionate level to His beloved ones 1Jn3:2.
GOD's true institutions: whether business, church, hospital, school, etc. (a)only employ
Bible believers, proven annually; (b)teach Jesus 7 days a week in mandatory Bible studies
Ps119 Acts5:42; 15:16; (c)offer products, services to support life, teach love and truth Gal5; 6.
GOD is again separating His family into: followers, anointed, holy or 3 parts; outer, inner, holy or Ezra
1Jn1:9..sinning; 1Jn2:3,18-21..filled; 1Jn4 agape to agapetos in Him; all His family, house, temple,
finally dividing His own from the church Zech13:9 Mal3:3 Lk14:14 Acts24:15 1Thes4:13-17 Rev16:19; 18:4; 20:4,6.
Only GOD's holy live and work in perfect love and faith Eph4:2,12 Col1:2,8,10 1Thes4:1-11; 5:8-13,
adhering to His holy law, not man's evil ways Jer42-44 2Thes 2Pet2 Jude Rev3 1Pet1:25, as Jesus,
hated and killed by the church, then and now Mat23; 24; 26 Jn7; 8; 16:1-4 Rev18 1Pet4; 5.
GOD's true ministers must be as Him Mark10:42-45; 14:34-36 Rom6:16,22; 8:4,14,17 till...26,29
as only these can 2Cor1:4-6; 4; 5; 6 Mat16:19; 10:28 1Cor5 Rev11:5,6; 20:6 2Tim2:12,19-26; 3:10-4:5,
having been Lk14:23 to agapetos Rom1:5-7; 9:15-26, GOD's true servants Rom15 Heb5:4-9, so 1Cor9.
GOD promised truth to a few in Him 1Cor4:15 Heb1:1 Lk8:10-15 1Cor2; 4:1,9,10; 12:28-13:2 Col2,
foreknown from Jn1:1 Rom8:29 2Thes2:13 1Jn2:13a,14a Titus1:1-3, as Elihu Job32-37,
also eagles, serving GOD's Is6:13 Lk17:15 Rev11:13, as before, now again, many so-called believers
are kept in sin that His grace/mercy extends Acts13:46-48 Rom9-11 2Thes2:10-12 to all
Mat24:14 2Cor4:1-6 Gal1 Heb3:7-4:13; 12:15-17 Rev21:8; 22:17, yet 50% only Zech14 Mat25,
as Mat24:9-24,40,41 1Cor9:27-10:22; 11:26-31, He was last sacrifice for sin Heb9:11-10:31 FOREVER!

See Parousia
CCCInc. Annual Bible study/test:
[HTML version] / [Printable version]
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Christian Corporate Concepts Inc.
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Christian Corporate Concepts Inc.
All Bible believers hoping to participate in any of the
7 CCCInc. Companies must qualify through GOD's word.

Confessing Bible believers, Acts24:14-16 James1:27 1John2:22; 4:1-3 having completed personal Bible study number two, tithing one tenth of all income to Christian Community Churches Inc. USA Mal3:6-12 Mat17:27 Rom13:6, participating daily in Christian Community Churches Inc. group Bible study at church, home, school.


Practicing Bible believers, Acts6:3-8,10,15 James2 1John2:27-29; 3:6-8,10, having completed personal Bible study number five, tithing and group Bible study.

Young men:

Overcoming Bible believers, Acts7:55-60; 16:16-25 James5 1John2:6; 3:6,9,14; 4:4; 5 having completed personal Bible study number seven, tithing and daily group Bible study.


Ministering Bible believers, Acts15:22-23; 16:4; 20:19,24,35 James3 1Jn3:2; 4:1-3,5-11 called, elected, qualified daily thru suffering for Jesus Christ our Lord GOD and Saviour.

Agape love power means:
Col3:22-24 serve the Lord Jesus Christ
research, productivity, maintenance, Rom12:9-13:4
2Cor13:5-9 faith and truth into perfection
plan, perform, review, Rom13:8-14; 14:17-19 love working for peace
2Cor8; 9 Eph5; 6 1Thes5 in every thing rejoice
Rom8; 13:1-7; 1Tim4; 2Tim2; 2Peter1 share in love
Ps127:1; Acts2:38-47; 5:29-42; 1Cor3; Eph3; 4 by love
Christian Corporate Concepts Inc. tests
GOD's 3 part church to qualify babes, children, young men-fathers,
having 2,5,7 correct responses respectively.
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Christian Corporate Concepts Inc.
Corporate Concepts' Banner
CCCInc. annual Bible study/test - Questions
All Bible believers hoping to participate in any of the 7 CCCInc. Companies must qualify through GOD's word.
Part A
What two words qualify Phil2?
Who is the subject in Phil2?
What single verse in Ezek20 qualifies Mark3:29,35?
What two verses in Mark8; 9 qualify Phil2?
What single verse in Heb1 qualifies Ezek1?
What single word qualifies Ezek43; 44; Heb2; 3?
Who is the prince in Ezek44:3; 46?
Part B
What single verse in Hebrews5 qualifies Phil2:8?
Who two verses in Ps15 and Acts10 qualify Phil2:12?
What four verses in Hebrews3 qualify Phil2:16?
What four verses in Hebrews10 qualify Mat19:17?
What four verses in Hebrews10 qualify Mat10:28?
What seven verses in Hebrews12 qualify 2Pet1:10?
What two verses in Hebrews12 qualify Jn3:5?
Part C
What single verse in Is2 qualifies Heb12:22?
What single verse in Is10 qualifies Mal3:2 + Mat10:28?
What single verse in Is14 qualifies John14:2?
What single verse in Is16 qualifies Jer23:5; 33:15 + Acts15:16?
What single verse in Is19 qualifies 2Thess2:11?
What single verse in Is22 qualifies Rev3:7?
What three verse in Is34 qualify Rev19?
Part D
What five verses in Jer3 qualify Jn4:24; 17:20-24?
What single verse in Jer7 qualifies Rev21:8; 22:15?
What single verse in Jer7 qualifies Rom8?
What two verses in Jer7 qualify Rev18:23; 19:17?
What two verses in Jer11 qualify 2Pet2:14?
What three verses in Jer23 qualify Mat7:21-23?
What six verses in Jer44 qualify Deut5:7-9 2Cor6:14-18 Eph5:5,6 Rev18:4?