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GOD, thru His parousia,
promised to rule Is32:1 Jer23:5 Mat2:6 Lk1:33 Rev19:15;
promised to change the world, refer to hundreds of Scriptures;
therefore is now using His people for new technology in the marketplace.
Origin of Maxilube and Diesel Fuel Treatment (DFT)

    The origin of Maxilube and DFT can be traced back to 1988 when OXYPRO started asking "If we can put men on the moon and land machines on Mars, how come we have to change our oil every 3,000 miles -- and our engines still wear out?" A bit of research soon revealed that the technology to prevent wear was in fact available; it was just that nobody wanted to sell it to the public for fear of upsetting the economy of engineered (planned) obsolescence.

    We experimented with applying MAXILUBE directly through carburetors to provide a "top end" treatment to gasoline engines. Carburetors became history after 1988, so we began to develop a formula that would mix easily with gasoline and diesel fuels to provide the top end treatment and clean injector systems as well.
    When most of the sulfur and aromatic hydrocarbons were removed from California's diesel fuel in 1993,

The removal of hydrocarbons from diesel fuel caused engine failures due to
low lubricity. Customers found that DFT resolved this problem all together.

    After some experimentation and a lot of field testing on our own equipment, we developed a user-friendly non-hazardous non-flammable product we call MAXILUBE Anti-friction Metal Treatment. MAXILUBE allowed doubling engine oil change intervals and tripled machinery life, sometimes extending it indefinitely.

the resulting loss of lubricity caused many failures of injector pumps. OXYPRO immediately began marketing its "top end" treatment as DFT, Diesel Fuel Treatment. The lubricity problems disappeared and our customers have enjoyed the benefits of using DFT ever since.

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